Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Yesterday, my sister Kate asked my mom "Mom, are you getting a job?" My mom told her yes and she asked "Can I have 2 dollars?"

Got milk?

Monday, I was telling my sister, Nicole (Ms. Barbie Girl), that some people at school were telling me about this woman that shoplifted and tried to get out of it by offering the officer breast milk. After I told her that, she replied with "Got milk?"

Barbie Song?

Today, my sister was telling me about her day. She told me that during class, she was singing her own little version of the I'm a Barbie Girl song. This is how it went:

I'm a barbie girl,
In a barbie world.
My boobs are plastic,
They're fantastic.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

No shoes, no shirt, no service... But what about pants?

My mom was babysitting this one kid for her friends once, but he didn't want to come over. So, to display his defiance, he stripped naked except and didn't pack any extra clothes. Well, his mother had either gotten use to this kind of stuff by now, or she was just tired of it, because she took him to our house anyway. Well, my mom wanted to get a coke, so she went to the Minit Maket and he wanted to come in, so she let him. When they got in the store, one of the employees came up to them and said "I'm sorry, but we don't serve anybody without a shirt or shoes."

Well, what about pants?